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Chief Mays was born in Dothan, Alabama. He graduated from George Washington Carver High School in 1969. He is also a graduate of the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Science degree and has done further study at this same institution in pursuing a Masters degree in Public Administration. He is also a 1987 graduate of the 77th Administrative Officer School, Southern Police Institute, University of Louisville.

Chief Mays has been in law enforcement since 1976. He started out as a patrolman with the Athens Police Department and progressed to the rank of Sergeant in the Uniform Patrol Division. He also served in the Criminal Investigation Division. Chief Mays served as Juvenile Officer, Field Training Officer, and Selective Traffic Enforcement Officer with the Driving Under the Influence Task Force. After unification of the Athens and Clarke County governments, Mays worked as a Sergeant in the Detective Division and in the Command Division assigned to Internal Affairs. He was appointed to Captain, "Night Chief," and became the West District Commander for the Athens-Clarke County Police Department. Chief Mays left the police department after 24 years of service when he was appointed Chief Deputy Sheriff.



Chief Mitchell has served on Sheriff Edwards’ command staff since Sheriff Edwards took office on January 1, 2001.  Currently, he oversees the Jail Section.

Chief Mitchell’s career in law enforcement spans more than 38 years, beginning in 1972 as a deputy with the Clarke County Sheriff’s Office. 

In 1974, Chief Mitchell transferred to the Clarke County Police Department as a detective and ultimately achieved the rank of lieutenant, holding supervisory assignments in both the Uniformed Patrol and Criminal Investigation Divisions.

When the Clarke County and City of Athens governments unified in 1991 and the Athens-Clarke County Police Department was formed, Chief Mitchell was tasked with the start up and oversight of its Internal Affairs Unit.  He also briefly managed the Operation Support Division.

Chief Mitchell received his peace officer certification through the Northeast Georgia Police Academy, attaining the highest academic score in his class.  He also briefly attended the University of Georgia.  Chief Mitchell completed and was named Dean’s Scholar at the 100th session of the Administrative Officer’s Course at the University of Louisville’s Southern Police Institute in Louisville, Kentucky.

Captain Burke began his law enforcement career in 1978, in his home town of Madison, Georgia. He graduated from the 33rd session of the Northeast Georgia Police Academy. After serving four years as a corrections specialist in the U. S. Marine Corps, he began his service with Clarke County in 1983 as a deputy sheriff in the Jail Section.

Captain York provides oversight for Inmate Support functions in the Jail Section, and serves as Chaplain for the Sheriff’s Office. He joining the Clarke County Sheriff’s Office in 2001 and served as the Inmate Programs Coordinator for a number of years.

Captain York was born in Jackson, Alabama, where he graduated from Jackson High School. He is also a graduate of the University of Alabama and the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has done further graduate work at the University of Georgia in the Department of Philosophy and in the Master of Public Administration program, in which he is currently enrolled. He is a P.O.S.T. certified Chaplain, and graduated from the 231st session of the Northeast Georgia Police Academy.

While with the Sheriff’s Office, he developed a number of programs including the Make A Change inmate rehabilitation project, recovery, reentry, and social services for inmates. He worked to organize the Reentry Roundtable, a group of approximately twenty criminal justice and nonprofit organizations that work together on jail and prison reentry issues. He has updated and revised policies and procedures for oversight of over 200 volunteers from community religious organizations, addiction recovery support groups and social service organizations. York was instrumental in the formation of the Treatment Accountability (Mental Health) Court and served on the Felony Drug Court team for the first four years of its existence. Captain York has assisted the work of the Criminal Justice Task Force and has taken a leading role in the jail expansion project to deal with jail overcrowding and prepare for future jail facility needs. In 2005, he was selected as the Clarke County Sheriff’s Office Civilian Employee of the Year.

In the community, Captain York founded ChristWalk Ministries in 2001 to serve individuals dealing with homelessness and addiction. He also serves as the Executive Director of the Sparrow’s Nest in Athens and serves on the board of directors for Bethel Haven Child and Youth Services. He is married and is the father of two children who are now in college.

Captain Cole currently commands the Field & Court Section which is comprised of the Warrant / Civil Unit and Court Services Unit. His primary duty is to ensure that each unit is carrying out its designated responsibilities in the most safest, productive, and efficient manner.

Captain Cole was born in Gainesville, Georgia and was raised in Manchester, Georgia. In 1991, he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Health/Physical Education from the University of Georgia. Upon graduating, he was a public school teacher for two years before starting his career in law enforcement. His career in law enforcement began with the Athens-Clarke County Police Department in 1994. He was promoted to Senior Police Officer in 1998. Later that same year, he was transferred from the uniform patrol division to the criminal investigation division where he was assigned to investigate sexual assaults, child abuse, and certain juvenile crimes. He transferred to the Clarke County Sheriff's Office at the beginning of 2001.


Captain Eric Pozen, was born and raised in Miami, Florida in 1969. He began is law enforcement career as a Miami Metro Dade Police Explorer in 1986. In 1988 he attended the University of South Florida in Tampa and earned his Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice and completed the internship program with the City of Tampa Police Department. Captain Pozen was the Director of the student run crime prevention/escort and patrol service as well as the student coordinator for the University of South Florida Police Departments Student Security Patrol. While at the University of South Florida Captain Pozen was instrumental in the development, funding, and installation of the Southeast Regions first Remote Cellular and Solar Powered Blue Light Emergency Phone System. Upon graduation 1992 he moved to Athens-Clarke County where he became a member of the Athens-Clarke County Police Department. He worked in patrol and in community policing. He then was given the opportunity to become the Police Chief for the City of Winterville in 1996. During his ten year tenure with the City of Winterville he successfully wrote and received many federal and state grants for the city, police, volunteer fire department as well as other local jurisdictions. He completed Chief training, and attended the second class of the Georgia Command College 1998. Upon completion of this program he simultaneously earned his Masters Degree in Police and Public Administration from Columbus State University and his Georgia P.O.S.T. Executive Certification. He is a P.O.S.T. General and Firearms Instructor and has conducted classes for law enforcement and fire departments throughout the Northeast Georgia Region. He teaches cadets at the Athens Regional Police Academy in topics such as firearms, interpersonal communications, community oriented policing, accident report writing, and traffic stops. He has participated in the Georgia State International Law Enforcement Exchange Program to Israel in 2002 where he received information and training from the Israeli National Police and Security Agencies. In 2003 he completed the University Of Georgia Carl Vinson Institute Of Government Local Government Management Development Program. In 2006, Captain Pozen then transferred to work for the University Of Georgia Police Department as a sergeant supervisor in the Patrol Division in order to explore other career and educational opportunities, while still remaining in the Athens area.

In November of 2006 Captain Pozen joined the Clarke County Sheriff's Office as a member of the Command Staff, and responsible for the Administration Section of the Sheriff's Department. He oversees Recruiting, the Hiring Process, Standards and Training, the Internal Investigations Unit, the Certification and Accreditation Process, Community Programs and Education such as the D.A.R.E. and P.R.I.D.E. Programs, and is Public Information and Media Relations Officer. Over his career in law enforcement Captain Pozen has worked for many different law enforcement jurisdictions and environments bringing much experience and understanding to our organization. Captain Pozen has a strong commitment to supporting our goals of continually improving the Clarke County Sheriff's Office through recruiting, training, policy review and implementation, quality control, customer service, community involvement, and education program.






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